How do I translate a Birth Certificate?

Although translating a vital document such as a birth certificate may seem easy, in order to truly reflect the nature of the document, close attention must be paid to the details.


Name Order

The world of various languages, it is important to remember that some languages place the individual family name before the 'given' name. Other languages have a different order when it comes to the placement of the maiden name. The proper placement of surnames in the target language is the key to proper naming order.


Phonetic Transcription

The same name can (and often is) pronounced differently among different dialects of the same language. Most prominently, Catonese vs. Mandarin Chinese.


Date Order

The United States adopts a different order for dates in the number format. It is common to see dates in the format "MM/DD/YYYY" in the United States. The rest of the world prefers the format "DD/MM/YYYY". This can create a conflict when translating from documents where the date is either not specified, or likely uses a different format than the target language.

Our policy at ImmiTranslate is to "convert" the date to a universal format, such as "3 November 2000" instead of "11/03/2000" or "03/11/2000". This change prevents ambiguity in the finished translation.



For vital documents, formatting is more important than ever. When a document contains a table, for example, a table should be reproduced in the translation. Although the source Birth Certificate may choose to decorate or otherwise stylize the table, that is not necessary in a translation.


Zero Omission

It is important to include every word and text, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Omitting even a serial number or other code could have an adverse effect on the translation in the eyes of a reviewer.


Double Check

When we do birth certificate translations, we always conduct a thorough review of the translation before we return it to our customers. Our clients routinely submit these vital translations directly to USCIS and other agencies, and they're oftentimes the very first document the agency reviews. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to ensure the Birth Certificate translation is accurate.


Are you looking for a Birth Certificate Translation?

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