How to Have Your Marriage Certificate Translated

If you're immigrating to the United States or were married overseas, the USCIS  requires a copy of your marriage document. Those documents include:

If your marriage certificate or license is not already in English, it will need to be translated into English to be accepted by USCIS or your local or state government.

The exact translation of your marriage documents depends both on what language the document was originally written in, as well as the country of origin. Although certain countries produce a document in the same language, the translation and meaning of the words as well as the formatting varies.

What are some of the differences between various countries and translations?

Typically, in an Arab country, a marriage certificate is actually referred to as a Marriage Contract. The marriage contract document may include information about the dowry paid between families and testaments that there are no religious or legal impediments (for example, an existing marriage).

Who can translate my marriage certificate or marriage license?

If you're submitting your marriage documents to USCIS, it is required that the translator be competent in both languages and attest to the completeness and accuracy of the translation.

It is also recommended that the translator be familiar with the proper English spelling of each name, family name, and location include on the marriage document.

With ImmiTranslate, a certified translation that includes the required USCIS statements is provided with every translation order.