USCIS Translaton Requirements

The Importance of a Certified Translation

Not having a valid certified translation when you are assembling documents for your USCIS application can have a devastating effect on the outcome of your submission. USCIS reviewers will look to verify the authenticity of the document in question by inspecting it, however they also require a translated copy to ensure that the document contains the correct identifying information.

If the USCIS employee reviewing your application identifies a discrepancy between the original document and the translation, such as a misspelled name, a different location, or an entirely different date, they have the authority to completely deny the application. If your application is denied due to translation error, this could set your application for a visa back for months, possibly even years.

At ImmiTranslate, we take great care to ensure that each document is translated and reviewed with an eye for quality. We are one of the only certified translation companies to offer a 100% USCIS acceptance guarantee.

USCIS Translation Requirements Checklist

We have assembled the list of USCIS translation requirements and prepared them in this easy to understand checklist.

  • 1

    The translation must be a true and accurate translation of the source document.

  • 2

    The translation must be certified by a translator competent in English.

  • 3

    The translation must be certified by a translator competent in the source language.

  • 4

    The certification must state the name or type of document.

  • 5

    The certification must be accompanied by a signature of the translator.

We've also put together a list of items to ensure that your USCIS translation is approved.

How can I be sure a translation is certified?

The best way to determine whether a translation is certified is to have the document prepared by a translation company that offers a certification included with the document translation. Because a certification can only be signed and prepared by the translator, it is not advised to have a company or alternate translator "certify" a document after it has been created.


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