Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together some common questions and answers related to our translation services.

General Questions

We've made the translation process as straightforward as possible.

Visit our How It Works page for a basic breakdown of how our process works.

  1. To get started, proceed to the checkout page or request a quote. If you have many documents or wish to know the exact turnaround time, requesting a quote allows us to review the documents beforehand and provide more detailed information. If you would like to place your order immediately, proceed directly to the checkout page.
  2. Once on the checkout page, provide your contact information and some additional information about your documents. Specifically, which language the documents are in and which language you need them translated into. You will also be asked to specify the number of pages on the document. If your document exceeds 250 words on a page, add an additional page to the final count.
  3. Select any additional options on step 3. If you need a notarized version or a physical copy, select those options. Your price and turnaround time will update accordingly. If you need a faster turnaround time, we recommend utilizing the expedited service.
  4. After you have selected the options you need for your translation, you will be taken to step 4 where you can provide your payment information and shipping information (if applicable).
  5. Once your order is placed, you will receive an order number. A receipt will be sent to the e-mail address you provided. If you need to provide the correct spelling of certain names or locations or clarify illegible stamps or words, the order status page has a box to type this information. Be sure to save it before leaving the page.
  6. Once a translator has started translating your documents, you will receive an e-mail that your order is in progress.
  7. When we're done, you will receive an e-mail stating that your translation is complete and that we require the review of your translations. This is your opportunity to double-check the spelling of certain names and places.
  8. If everything checks out, click "Approve". Your translation will then be finalized. If you require notarization, it will be a brief period before the notarization process can be completed on your document. On weekends, this can take up to 24 hours, but we aim to complete all notarizations within several hours. If you requested a physical copy, it will ship out by the end of the business day if approved by 5 PM EST. If you approved your documents on a weekend, shipping times may vary.
  9. If you require a revision, please provide a brief explanation of the error or discrepancy by clicking the "Request Revision" button for the specific document. Once we've completed the revision, you will receive an e-mail from our system.

At ImmiTranslate, we provide 100% human translations. Your document will be processed by a professional translator experienced in both language pairs.

Turnaround time depends on many factors including the word count, language pair, current demand, translator availability and complexity of the source document.

In general, 1-3 page documents (up to 750 words) are delivered digitally in 24 hours or less.

If you require translation faster, we offer an expedited service option for an additional fee. When placing your order, step 3 allows you to select this option. Typically, turnaround time is reduced to as little as 3-5 hours for 1-3 page documents.

We translate over 60 languages! For a full list, visit our languages page.

We can translate any legible document. For a better idea of what common documents we translate, view a list of common documents we translate here.

Yes! We gladly accept notes, preferred spellings, or suggested translations for your translation projects.

Once you have placed your order, you will be able to provide notes in a special field. You can contact our support team to provide extended notes or to provide reference files.

At ImmiTranslate, we take the security of your personal or proprietary information very seriously.

  • All activity on our website, including file uploads and downloads, is transmitted over an encrypted connection.
  • All files are encrypted and stored in a secure datacenter.
  • All file access is logged and monitored and limited to authorized personnel only.
  • Each staff member and translator signs a strict non-disclosure agreement that is active indefinitely.

Certified Translations

A certified translation is a translation that has been completed and signed by a translator that has attested to their competency and proficiency in both languages.

Although the exact requirements vary from country to country, a certified translation must typically include:

  • A statement signed by the translator that certifies that the translation is accurate and complete.
  • The signature of the translator who has either completed the translation or has reviewed and confirms the translation.
  • Contact information for the translator, including phone number, e-mail address, or mailing address.

In the United States, there is no central certifying organization or translation accreditation agency recognized by the United States Government. Therefore, anyone can certify a translation.

A certified translation from ImmiTranslate includes the required statements and signatures and has been completed by a professional translator. Requirements for translations vary from organization to organization, with some requiring the translation be completed on letterhead from a recognized translation agency.

Certified translations are delivered as a non-editable PDF file and include a signed and stamped English language Certificate of Translation Accuracy, which attests to the thoroughness and accuracy of the translation and the qualifications of the translator. In addition, our certified translations:

  • Are on ImmiTranslate letterhead containing our ATA member number, phone number, and address.
  • Are formatted in a manner similar (but not exact) to the source document.
  • Are word-for-word translations of the source, which means some phrases might not be ideal, but we cannot interpret the meaning of a phrase, only provide an exact translation per certified translation standards.
  • Do not include a copy of your source files in the same PDF unless specifically requested.

If you order a physical copy we will ship you an unfolded copy of the translation with wet ink signatures in a FedEx envelope. We do not print and ship a copy of your source documents as you will pair our translation with the originals already in your possession.

Yes, we offer an expedited turnaround service for certified translations. In some cases, we can deliver translations within 3-5 hours. For more information, we recommend requesting a quote.

Yes, we offer notarized translation services.

All of our certified translations can include an optional notarization stamp for a small fee. The fee is a single per-order fee which covers a signature and stamp from a Maryland Notary Public. This notarization is available in all 50 states.

Yes, we offer physical copies of our translations.

The physical copy includes a wet-ink signature of a company representative. If you've also selected a notarized copy of your translation, the physical copy will be the copy signed by the notary public, which also includes their rubber stamp and wet-ink signature.

Physical copies are shipped from our processing facility outside of Washington, D.C. via FedEx. Pricing and transit times vary by destination. An exact amount and estimated delivery timeline are included when placing your order.

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Yes, ImmiTranslate holds corporate membership to the American Translators Association (ATA).

Our ATA number is #268442. You may view our ATA Directory Listing by clicking here.

Our headquarters are located in Washington, D.C. with order fulfillment in Owings Mills, Maryland.

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