Certified Translations

For Legal Documents

Legal Translations

ImmiTranslate provides a comprehensive range of translation services for legal documents, including legal documents including judgements, rulings, contracts, and decrees.

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Professional Translators

We hire and train only experienced and professional translators, guaranteeing an accurate and timely translation.

Worldwide Acceptance

Worldwide Acceptance

We work to ensure that your translations are accepted at all governments & institutions globally.

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Digital Delivery

Receive a professional translation in as little as a few hours delivered directly to your inbox.

Accurate translations for legal purposes

When a case involves foreign language documents, courts at all levels in the United States will require a certified translation of the document.

Our team of professional translators has prepared various documents for acceptance by courts at the state and federal levels.

Such documents include contracts, judgements, decrees, and other evidence. For acceptance, the court will want to see a Certification of Translation Accuracy as well as a certified translation stamp.

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