Certified Translation API

Our industry-leading certified translation API allows the secure creation and management of human-powered translations.

Whether your use-case is an internal app, or you want to leverage the full catalog of translation services we offer, our robust API allows you to manage the full translation lifecycle through webhooks and a standard REST interface.

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Certified Translation API FAQ

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Is the Certified Translation API free to use?
Yes, access to the API is avilable to all accounts at no additional charge. You only pay for the translations that are quoted and then ordered.
Does the Certified Translation API cover additional services?
Yes, the API includes all of our available translation and document legalization services.
How do I generate an API key?
Once you have created a free account, head to the Account Settings > API page to generate an API key.
How do I specify a webhook URL?
Once you have created a free account, head to the Account Settings > Webhook page to save a webhook URL.
How can I find the payment method ID?
In order to pay for translations placed through the API, you must have a stored payment method on file. To save a stored payment method, go to Account Settings > Billing. On the Billing tab, you will also find the required payment method ID to utilize within the API.
Do I need to use the API to utilize the webhook feature?
No, all quotes and orders created within your account will receive a webhook notification regardless of whether they were placed using the API or another method (such as an app integration).
How can I access the Sandbox API?
Once you have created a free account, please contact our support team to enable a Sandbox account for you to use for testing purposes.
Do Certified Translations placed through the API receive the same quality guarantees?
Yes! Orders that are placed via API receive the same professional translation and quality guarantee that we offer with all other translations.