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Professional document translations: what to know.

At ImmiTranslate, we are a full-service translation services provider. What makes us unique is that we focus not only on just the translation of content, but specifically on the translation of various types of documents. Clients trust us to translate, review, and prepare these documents to their exact specifications with maximum accuracy and promptness.

Our specialty is in various types of regulatory, legal, and other important translation matters. Our experience as a professional translation company ensures the best possible outcome for your critical documents — trust us to get it right the first time around with the power of native speakers from across the globe.

What is the difference between a certified translation vs. standard translation?

This is a common question we receive from our clients. A certified translation is used typically for legal purposes, such as an immigration matter or a legal matter. This type of professionally prepared translation is different than a standard translation or an extract of a translation. Most countries (including U.S. immigration — USCIS) will require, at a minimum, that a translation be completed by a certified translator competent in both languages.

Document translation requirements

We have a few minimal requirements in order to proceed with the translation of a document.

  • The document must be legible. In order for us to accurately translate most documents, we require a legible scan or photo of the document. In the case of certified translations, the translator must be able to view the entire document legibly in order to sign off on the accuracy.
  • For Certified Translations: The document must not be modified. Edits, alterations, and signs of tampering are not permitted for the translations we produce, so we may request an alternative or original form of a document.

Professional document translations: what types of documents we translate.

Don't see a document listed here?
This is not a complete list and we translate many other types of documents.

Birth Certificate

One of the most common documents we translate, a birth certificate translation is a critical piece in most immigration or travel filings. We can translate birth certificates issued in the United States as well as any country abroad. Birth certificates, or similar documents that are used to establish an identity and age, are one of the most important vital documents issued for any citizen.

Learn more about birth certificate translations

Marriage Certificate

We can translate marriage certificates issued worldwide. Marriage certificate translations are commonly used to establish that a marriage occurred. If you've been married overseas and want to legalize it in another jurisdiction, a marriage certificate translation is often required.

Learn more about marriage certificate translations

Death Certificate

We can translate death certificates issued worldwide. Death certificates issued in one jurisdiction are commonly used for estate purposes, such as securing a pension or other government benefit, in another jurisdiction.

Learn more about death certificate translations

Divorce Decree

We can translate divorce decrees issued worldwide. Divorce decrees are the court orders that marks the legal end or dissolution of a marriage. In international custody and other legal arrangements, a translation of a divorce decree is often required to legalize the document in a different jurisdiction.

Learn more about divorce decree translations


We can translate a passport or visa document issued worldwide. Oftentimes, the stamps contained within a passport require translation for immigration purposes to demonstrate a presence in a specific country.

Learn more about passport and visa translations

Asylum Documents

We can translate asylum documentation from any of our 70+ supported languages. Asylum documents often include affidavits, testimony, and miscellaneous evidence that establishes a right to seek shelter or refuge in a different country. ImmiTranslate specializes in the translation of the types of unique evidence needed for asylum cases.

Learn more about asylum document translations

Academic Transcripts

We can translate academic transcripts issued from schools, colleges, universities, and other education institutes worldwide. Transcripts are the basis for most continuing education requirements, and a transcript translation is often required when those educational endeavours occur across borders.

Learn more about academic transcript translations


We can translate diplomas issued from schools, colleges, universities, and other education institutes worldwide. A diploma is one of the most important credentials one can obtain, and oftentimes is issued a in foreign language. A diploma translation allows the bearer to use the diploma's bestowed credentials globally.

Learn more about diploma translations

College Application

We can translate portions of college applications from any of our 70+ supported languages. When applying to a college overseas, it's important to ensure that the admissions application (or similar) is adequately translated to the language of the admissions office.

Learn more about college application translations

Financial Statements

We can translate financial statements, including bank statements, credit card statements to and from any of our 70+ supported languages. In addition to the translation of the content of financial statements, we can also convert the currency based on the historical conversion rate for the specified currency.

Learn more about financial statement translations

Tax Returns

We can translate tax returns to and from any of our 70+ supported languages. Tax returns go along with other important financial documentation for legal and immigration matters.

Learn more about tax return translations

Mortgage Documents

We can translate mortgage documents, including property records, mortgage statements, and deeds to and from any of our 70+ supported languages. During mortgage underwriting, documents issued in foreign languages often require translation to fulfill compliance standards.

Learn more about mortgage document translations

Vaccination Records

We can translate vaccination records, including vaccination cards and Covid-19 vaccine cards issued worldwide. International travel, especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic, often requires proof of vaccination. Our translations provide evidence of compliance with required vaccinations.

Learn more about vaccination record translations

Medical Records

We can translate medical records, such as doctor's notes, prescriptions, and medical procedure records from any of our 70+ supported languages. Use cases for the translation of medical records includes international travel, immigration, and urgent medical attention.

Learn more about medical record translations

Adoption Documents

We can translate adoption documents and records issued worldwide. International adoption procedures typically require supporting evidence in different languages. ImmiTranslate specializes in the translation of these critical documents to support adoption.

Learn more about adoption document translations


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Translation Acceptance, Guaranteed

We follow the specific instructions and guidelines that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services sets forth for document translations. We stand by the translations we produce, which is why we offer an acceptance guarantee.

Translator Signature & Stamp

Our certified translation always includes the signature of the translator. Certain agencies may require a stamp to indicate authenticity, which we provide.

Certification of Translation Accuracy

Our certified translations include a certification statement which attests to the completeness and credentials of the translation.

Contact Information

Our certified translation always includes the contact information of the translator. We provide prompt verification if the government (or any agency) requests us to verify the authenticity of a translation.

ISO 32000-1:2008 Compliance

Our certified translations feature an ISO 32000-1:2008-compliant secure PDF digitally signed by ImmiTranslate, preventing alteration of the digital document.
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