Data Security & Confidentiality

At ImmiTranslate, your security isn't just a promise — it's our commitment. Entrust your documents to a platform where protection meets precision.

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Security Key Points

ImmiTranslate consistently works with highly sensitive documents and clients in the legal, financial, and government sectors. Our commitment to protection of data and privacy is paramount to our core mission.

Document Encryption
Each document we handle is encrypted at-rest using a managed key framework with annual rotation.
Access Control
Access to client documents is restricted only to those assigned to a particular project. Access is logged and monitored.
2-Factor Authentication
Administrative and translator access requires 2-factor authentication with hardware or software tokens.
Retention Period
All documents have a maximum retention period, at which point they are securely deleted.
Secured Network
Our network follows a "zero-trust" security model that emphasizes authentication and monitoring.
Account Access
All accounts initiate a login notice for security and audit purposes.
Strict Non-disclosure Agreements
All translators and administrative personnel sign strict non-disclosure agreements.
Penetration & Security Testing
We periodically scan and initiate pen-tests against our platform. All personnel undergo periodic phishing and cybersecurity training.
Virtualized Access
When possible, source documents are provided in a virtualized environment for translators which prevents hard-disk access.
ISO 27001 Datacenters
All data is stored within ISO 27001 certified datacenters.

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