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ImmiTranslate is a certified language service provider with years of experience translating documents for global use.

Let us help your company expand their reach through our professional translations.

  • 100% Professional Human Translators
  • Translate To/From 60+ Languages
  • Starting at 10¢ per word
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Professional Translation Benefits

We go above and beyond just translating words. We provide an unmatched service for our clients.

Quick Turnaround

Quick Turnaround

Up to 750 words within 24 hours, 1500 words within 48 hours. Estimates available with each order.

Worldwide Acceptance

Worldwide Audience

Whatever your use case, our translations are comprehensive and professional.

Simple Pricing

Simple Pricing

Starting at 10¢ per word. All major cards & PayPal accepted.

Professional Translators

Professional Translators

Our team consists of hundreds of native speakers. Your translation is always 100% human powered.

Always Secure

Always Secure

We employ state of the art encryption on your original documents and every translation we produce.

Convenient Access

Convenient Access

Translations can be downloaded securely once completed. Need a revision? We give you an opportunity to review and approve all translations.

Hundreds of different documents in over 60+ languages

Whether you're submitting documents for immigration, or applying to a university, we can translate your documents for acceptance. Any legible document can be translated by us into or from over 60 languages.

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Business Translations

Simple Pricing Guarantee

It's easy: Just 10¢ per word. Not sure how many words you have? Request a free quote.

Common Questions

Can you translate my document?

Yes! We can translate virtually all types of documents, ranging from brochures to manuals. If you need a certified translation of a legal or academic document, we recommend using our certified translation service.

Who will translate my document?

All of our translations are completed by professional translators who have met or exceed our quality standards.

How do you ensure quality?

We take pride in selecting only top tier translators. Our screening process includes tests that measure knowledge of each language pair, multiple choice tests, and periodic performance reviews.

What formats do you accept?

We accept documents for business translations in most common formats, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe InDesign, PDF, and plaintext files.

What is the difference between a business translation and a certified translation?

Our certified translations include a professional translation that includes a Certification of Translation Accuracy statement, signature of a translator and representative, and is delivered in a non-editable PDF file (or hard copy).

Our business translations are high quality translations of marketing materials, digital media, etc.. that are delivered in editable digital formats (i.e. Microsoft Word)

Typically, a certified translation is only required if the document is being submitted for legal or academic reasons.

Both translations adhere to our strict quality standards and are completed by professional translators.

How long will it take?

Our turnaround times vary, but for most documents of less than 750 words, we'll have the translation completed within 24 hours.

Is this secure?

Yes! Your communications with ImmiTranslate are always encrypted. We handle your private documents with discretion. Only authorized personnel are able to view your documents.

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