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Legal Contract Translations

The Crucial Role of Contract Translation in International Litigation

As the global marketplace continues to expand, international litigation is becoming increasingly common. Contract translation is the backbone of any cross-border legal process, ensuring clear communication and mutual understanding.

A poorly translated contract can lead to misunderstandings, legal complications, and potentially significant financial losses. With ImmiTranslate, ensure your contracts convey the intended legal obligations and rights accurately, regardless of language barriers.

Our team consists of certified translators experienced in legal terminology, making us a trusted partner in your legal endeavors across borders.

Understanding Court Jurisdictions and Their Translation Needs

Each court jurisdiction comes with its unique translation requirements. Inaccurate or non-compliant translations can jeopardize your case, making expert translation services essential.

ImmiTranslate understands these complexities. We tailor our services to meet specific jurisdictional requirements, ensuring translations are accurate, compliant, and court-ready.

Certified vs. Standard Translation: The Difference It Makes in Court

Standard translations may suffice for everyday communication, but when contracts come under legal scrutiny, certified translations are a must. A certified translation provides a legal record, guaranteeing the translated document's accuracy and integrity.

ImmiTranslate's certified translations are conducted by professionals, proficient in legal language, and provide a certification of accuracy. When your translated contracts face the courtroom, you can be confident in their validity.

Confidentiality and Security: Our Topmost Priorities

When it comes to legal contract translations, we understand the importance of privacy and security. All translations by ImmiTranslate are handled with utmost confidentiality and adherence to strict data protection policies.

Your sensitive information is in safe hands. Our state-of-the-art security measures ensure that your documents remain secure throughout the translation process. Trust ImmiTranslate for professional, accurate, and secure legal contract translations.


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What's Included

  • Signed & Stamped Certification of translation accuracy
  • Certified by a professional translator
  • Digital delivery via PDF
  • Review and approve final translation
  • 100% Guaranteed Acceptance
  • Standard turnaround starting at 24 hours
  • Expedited turnaround starting at 1-2 hours
  • Physical copy, notarization, and apostille options available
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Translations in over 70+ languages

Through our diverse global network of translators, we're able to support translations in over 70+ languages, including all European Union languages.

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What you can expect from us

Our services, backed by our expert translators and support staff, can help alleviate the complexity surrounding certified translations.

Quick Turnaround

We work around the clock to prepare, translate, review, and ship documents. Most translations can be completed in just a few hours.

Worldwide Acceptance

Our translations are accepted by USCIS, US Department of State, IRCC, and thousands of other local and regional governments and agencies.

Simple Pricing

Starting at just $25 per page, our simple pricing allows you to avoid confusing charts and rates and stick to the basics.

Professional Translators

Our team consists of thousands of native speakers. Your translation is always 100% human powered by a certified professional translator.

Always Secure

We employ state-of-the-art encryption on your original documents and every translation we produce.

Convenient Access

Translations can be downloaded securely once complete. We can also notarize and mail translations.

Ready to dive in? Our translation team is available 24/7 to assist you with documents, provide quotes, and prepare translations.