ECFMG Translaton Requirements

For ECFMG/USMLE Acceptance

Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates

If you're submitting your diploma, transcripts, or other documents to ECFMG in order to take the USMLE, the documents must be translated to English by a certified translation company such as ImmiTranslate. We take great care to ensure that each document is translated and reviewed with an eye for quality. Our translation complies with the requirements of ECFMG and we consistently monitor the changes to their policies.

ECFMG Translation Requirements Checklist

We have assembled the list of ECFMG translation requirements and prepared them in this easy to understand checklist. If you're ordering through ImmiTranslate, we satisfy each requirement for no additional charge.

  • 1

    The translation must be a word-for-word translation of the source document. An abstract or summary translation will not be acceptable.

  • 2

    The translation must be prepared from the original document or a photocopy of the original document. A translation from a transcribed version of the document will not be acceptable.

  • 3

    The translation must be prepared by either a government official (such as a Consular Officer), medical school official (such as a Dean or Registrar), or a professional translation service.

  • 4

    The translation must include a statement from the government or medical school official or representative of the professional translation service certifying that the translation is true and accurate. As of 2020, the ECFMG recommended statement is: "I [Name] certify that the word-for-word translation is correct"

  • 5

    The translation must include the signature and title of either the government or medical school official or the representative of the translation service. If available, a seal from the government official, medical school, or translation service should also be included.

  • 6

    The translation must appear on letterhead, and if the letterhead is from a professional translation service, must identify the company as a professional translation services company.

  • 7

    The translation may not be completed by the applicant.

Source: ECFMG Information Booklet, 2020 Edition


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