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A person holding a passport booklet.
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6 Fast Facts about US Immigration

The United States has the largest immigrant population in the world with 13.7% of the country’s residents being foreign-born. As debates continue to rage over the country’s immigration policies, here is a quick look at what the numbers have to say.

USCIS API (Sample)
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USCIS Is Thinking About An API For U.S. Immigration: Why That's Probably The Best Immigration Tech News You'll Hear in 2022.

Earlier this year, folks in the U.S. immigration technology community were greeted with a delightful e-mail: An invitation to join a listening session with USCIS about a future API interface to the agency. The agency in charge of immigration benefits wants to expand electronic access to case management systems and other interested parties sometime in the near future.

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Want to Immigrate to Canada? Don't Miss These IRCC Translation Requirements!

The IRCC is the Canadian government agency responsible for immigration, citizenship, and refugee matters. To ensure effective communication with individuals who need help speaking or understanding English or French, the IRCC has specific translation requirements. This article will explore these requirements and what they mean for individuals seeking to communicate with the IRCC.

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Understanding the USCIS: A Beginner's Guide

The USCIS immigration process can be complex and confusing, especially for individuals whose native language is not English. This blog post will provide an overview of the USCIS immigration process and explain how ImmiTranslate can help you navigate it.

How to translate a birth certificate for USCIS
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How to translate a birth certificate for USCIS

If you're going through the immigration process to the United States, you can expect quite a bit of paperwork - from forms to document collection. One vital document required for nearly everyone is a birth certificate. Often in a foreign language, we'll look into how to translate a birth certificate for USCIS.

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